What makes a good competition yoyo ?

So what does everyone look for when choosing their competition yo-yo ?

I look for a:

1)Low Wall
2)Wide Profile
3)V or H Shape
4) KonKave Bearing

What do you guys use as your weapon of choice :wink: ?

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Thanks, you just helped me decide which yoyo to get, I’m going to a contest in less than 2 weeks.

Your 4 criteria plus a nice open cup because finger spins are fun :wink:


My criteria:

  1. It’s a yoyo
  2. It spins

Jk. I would probably look for something that spins as long as possible.

1)H shape
2)can finger spin
3)blasted finish(or any finish that have awsome grinds)
4)can horizontal well

I prefer a yoyo with some “authority” to it.

sorry for two posts on this thread, but I figured I would elaborate. Some yoyos can be amazing for different things. For example, I would love to throw a Summit around when I just feel like a chill throwing mood, and a code 2 to rock the stage.

Yea I definitely agree, there are some days where you would rather rock something a little more fun feeling and less competition worthy.

Anything made by spin dynamics

Clyw arctic circle

I like really wide yoyos as it is, so the fact that it’s good for competition yoyos is just a bonus. I usually prefer a V shape and… That’s good for competitions too.

Basically my ideal yoyo that I love to throw is the one that’s perfect for competition.

Full sized
Generally V shaped, there are some exceptions.
Additionally being blasted is nice.

For me it’s

  1. Low walls are a must for me I just like them
  2. Has to be stable
  3. Needs to be metal for obvious reasons

I don’t really have and preferences for width or diameter yet because I haven’t really played around with Yoyo shapes and sizes.

For me I seem to like low wall stuff that are stable enough to ensure long spins but fast enough to burn through combos in a moderate speed. Metal is also preferable because I’ve yet to try a plastic that i can rely on even when my combos are mildly sloppy.

I disagree with the KK bearing. For one, you can put one in any yoyo so that shouldn’t sway your decision. And even so, developing a good straight throw will keep the string centered better than a KK ever will.

I would bet a considerable amount that you’re basing this on popular opinion, not fact. I’ve been throwing longer than like 90% of the people in this forum, by this time I have a pretty well developed throw. As straight as my throws are, half the time my string is not perfectly centered. For the type of style I have, this doesn’t really hurt. However, I know for fact that a concave bearing will keep your string centered ALL the time, not just sometimes depending on your luck. There IS a reason they are stock in a ton of top company brands.

Although the bearing isn’t life or death, concaves WILL center the string a lot better. In my opinion the best type is the shape of the center trac’s.

I prefer more h shaped throws that are floaty like the ac2 or chief but I do also really like my werrd tre’s smoothness even though i don’t gravitate towards v shaped otherwise I have no other preference