What kind of pads will fit a Crucial Cream?


Subject says it all…


no one knows?


Ghost pad i think.


yea Ghost pads, not the ghost rings.


Are you sure?? My HEAVYcream uses ghost pads so i know they are considerably wider than the pads that go in the cream…


Buy silicone and do it yourself. Last a long time and the tube will last you a year or two before it dries up.


yeah i think thats what im going to have to do…
I just found it kind of annoying to try and silicone the crucial spr


I havent tryed yet. Actually, when I bought my last pair of ghost pads for my heavy cream, i bought a tube of silicone too. Just thought I might use the ghoist pads, and practise siliconing on my others.


I found somewhere that the cream takes o rings. i think the one i saw had a different spr…