What is your style, and who is the most influential thrower to you at the moment

So, basically as the thread title states, what is your style like (Whips, slacks, tech, crazy fast?) and who is the most influential person/people to it at the present time?

My style includes a lot of slacks and suicides, as well as grinding, smooth transitions from mount to mount, and occasionally speed. I also like chopsticks.

I’d say the most influential people for me, right now are Johnnie DelVallie and Janos.

Tech/fast occasional flow. You might say that i have an Americanized version of the standard japanese style. Id saw its more creative that say, hiroyuki, even if i dont have half the skill he does.

I make up super fast combos that have little slacks throws in. Some whips, but mostly tech. I too, do a bit of chopsticks.

Influences: Hiroyuki Suzuki, Harrison Lee, Zach Gormely, Anthony Rojas, Charles Haycock

Overall favorite: Harrison Lee

My style is constantly evolving. I’d say it includes a little bit of everything; I have some speed tricks, some slack tricks, some whips. I do use a lot of hops though. In my opinion, my tricks are sort of the yoyo equivalent of doodles on paper, I just kind of do what I feel like doing at the time, trying to see what I can come up with.
As for influences… I can’t really name any specific influences.

I spend so much time with Odon Alberto jr that our styles are quite similar (1A)

Lately I think I’ve been most influenced by Seth Peterson, both in terms of trick elements and trying to emulate the overall flow of his tricks. I don’t know how well it comes across in what I actually do, but that’s where I’ve been getting inspiration.

Mine is 1a, Jensen Kimmits my influence…

I want to be good at 2a and 4a.

For those Shu Takada and Ben Conde are my influences…

My Style.
I Feel like I Just kinda do whatever, and I learn whatever.
My Influences With my Slack tricks would be Janos, and Viktor.
Whips I’d have to say Takahiro Iizuka, and Ryosuke iwasawa.
My tech would be Petr kavka, Peter Pong Si Yee, Magne Sætran and Honestly, a lot of random Youtubers/Forumers I have watched.
Shout out to Alex Fairhurst, for his videos, showcasing some of the best slacks I’ve seen in a while.

3a, Patrick Borgerding, Ken Takabayashi, and Obviously Kentaro Kimura.
I’m NO WHERE near as good as these Gods yet, But hey. Influences haha!

4a, I’m Not too sure. I kinda Just do my own thing, BUT I have stolen many bits from Josh Yee, and a few tricks and snippets from many of random Videos I’ve seen.

5a. I Honesty can’t mimic anyone in this style. So I just do my own thing. Trying it all!