Others dont influence your style


Today i was watching some 4a on youtube and in the comments someone says that the guys style was influenced by Jensen Kimmet.

What kind of crud is that? Jensen Kimmet did not invent that yoyo style. The only things ihe invented that i know of are tourniquet and the Northstar but thats it.

I have nothing against Kimmet but im getting pretty tired of people telling me that so and so owns a certain style.


In that case it sucks if 5a is your main style cause your all copying Steve Brown :stuck_out_tongue:


Well we all have our personal opinion.


I have no sense in style. I’m amazed I can even get dressed in the morning.

However I play yoyo, that’s what it is. I’m not good enough for anyone to influence me. They do inspire me to work harder.


To the OP, I think you are interpreting the definition of style wrong. They don’t mean that he created 1a or that he originated all of his tricks. ( which he mostly did) but they are saying “how” he plays yoyo. What it looks like. How he moves when he plays yoyo. there are a lot pf people that play in Yuuki Spencers style of yoyo play. Why not Jensen? Heck If I could pull it off I’d play in Jensen’s style too. Too bad I can’t. :wink:


Thanks for clearing that

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Everyone who yoyo’s is copying Yoyo’s.

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Yeah, that was very misunderstood.

Jensen Kimmitt did not create 4A. Style is moreover how each person yoyos individually.

Take Jensen he has lots of hops in his style, hence why the asians call him Hop-U-San.

Then take someone like Guy Wright, whos flow and smoothness of style is untouchable.

Or Augie in his earlier days being fast as :-X

Hope that cleared things up.


ya I think they just want to be difficult people because they are Jensen fanboys if that is possible . lol. But I also hr that about Gentry and IMO Gentry is 10x Better.

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I’m good friends with Gentry and hes one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet but his style is getting stale. His routines largely consist of the same tricks/combos, just arranged differently and designed differently according to the song.

Though he is working on it, he realizes it too. So expect some new things for Gentry 2012. :wink:


you not understanding something doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. you’re looking at it from the wrong angle. A style is not only something that is purely technical.

As a 5A player, I get a lot of influence from Jon Rob, first because of the kind of tricks he performs (I have to say some of my tricks are very inspired by some of his, but not all and far from it), as a 5A double dice I’m not really inspired by anyone directly.

To get the thing a little further, I can also say that my yoyo style is influenced by the music I listen to, and a LOT.

A player like Zammy inspires my style in the way that he also plays a rare style and does great with it

Mark Montgomery influences my style in the way that he has that attitude, that specific taste and visual identity

etc… etc…

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Humans are sponges. From infancy on we take in what we like, spew out what we don’t. Yoyoing is no different. If we like something we give it a try or remember it and if we don’t like it we reject it and shake our heads. Either way we have been influenced.

That’s what creates so many personal styles, a sum of different experiences and opportunities. Some of us may be similar in style but yet so different at the same time.

Embrace it!


On a similar note, I’ve been really watching the Hiroyuki Suzuki videos I’ve downloaded, and as amazing as he is, I’m seeing the same tricks over and over again, often just re-arranged differently. OK, sure, you’re saying “everyone does that”, which is true, but I mean I’m talking about his predictability. I suppose it’s fantastic to have that kind of consistency, but at the same point, it’s like he’s gotten to the point where I think he needs someone to break him down and build him back up just to ensure he comes up with a completely original routine. Of course he’s going to re-use elements. Coaches can help people do amazing things.

Really, we can ALL use some help. Sometimes the best help we need is someone making us start fresh.