What is your preference?


I’m just interested in people’s preferences. What do you like?

(JonasK) #2

I vote for “I don’t know yet”. Just because I don’t know yet. I think it’s hard to say that one does not like a certain type of yoyo before you have tried it. It would be like saying that Super-Shok Flakx tastes like dead “moo” without ever trying it.

Addment: I don’t care hwo it tastes, it gives an awesome sugar-rush.


I really dont care


I like smaller yoyos (50-53),like the 888 and Hitman/X-ConVict.
They just feel right in my hand.

(D@§h!zn!t) #5

I have to say undersized yo-yos. Although, I don’t mind the 53mm size either. :slight_smile: