What is your favorite " one drop + side effect combo"?


What is your favorite " one drop+side effect combo"?
On my code 2 I use aluminum spikes, aluminum ultralights or nickle disks.
For me, I like all equal. It seems like I have three yoyos in one. ;D


U have nickel disks???


And you forgot domes!


I’m not picky about this, but I love the stock 54 spikes.


I like domes!!!


Aluminum domes on a Code 1


Sorry bout that. Just reply “domes” if they r ur favorite:)


And yeah I have nickle disks ;D

(Chris Allen) #9

No stuntpegs? ???

(Owen) #10

Dryoyo is concerned


Lol sorry again just comment " stunt pegs" if they are you favorite


Al ULs on errythang.

(Chris Allen) #13

your poll was missing something so i fixed it

(Owen) #14


(Jerrod) #15


(WildCat23) #16

Lego’s FTW!


I am confused by this thread. The voting seems to be about just the SE’s. But the topic asks about our favorite OneDrop + SE combination.

Which is it? The yoyo + the SE; or just the SE?

To me the SE by itself is meaningless unless it with regard to a specific OneDrop throw.

For me: GZR 54 + AL Ultra-Lights. Or GZR Code1 with AL Ultra-lights. Both == awesome.


Nickel Discs are where it is at


54=AL Domes
CODE1=Brass UL’s
Dietz=AL Dietz
Cascade=AL UL’s
54 “GZR”=AL Domes


Ultralights all day, and on anyone drop yoyo, most notably the Code 2 and Cascade.