What is Your Current Yoyo Maintenance?


From Kitty String Fat, to homemade string. Thin to Thick Lube, Response Pads to rubber etc. So just post what your current yoyo maintenance is. And What style do you most like to play?
This is my current yoyo maintenance, to when I go to yoyo contest and at home play.

  1. A lot of 100% Polyester Neon Yellow Yoyo String.

  2. Thin Lube for Unresponsive Play.

  3. 19mm Responsive Pads

  4. Yoyofactory Multi-Tool

  5. 1a


1a. Bearing yoyos - YYSL Type X
1b. Fixed axle - home made cotton
2. Thin lube or Terrapin Dry for unresponsive play
3. OD 19mm flow groove
4. YYF multitool.


1a. Bearing yoyos - Buddha String
1b. Fixed axle - YYE Type 10
2. No Lube or Terrapin Dry for unresponsive play
3. Whatever came in the throw, or Buddha Pads
4. Shinwoo Bearing tool
5. Grenade Pouch Carry Case

(Steve Brown) #4
  1. Change strings.
  2. Repeat.


Mine is similar, with the exception of my responsive throws. Those I fill the bearing up with Brain Lube that’s it.

And change bearings when they go bad.


^ It’s good to periodically wash your TuTu as well ;D