What is your 3 fav yoyos.

(yokaiyo) #1

What is your three fav yoyos that you have? What is your two fav yoyos that you
don’t have but you have tried? My three fav yoyos that I have are the 888, X con, and
the Milk. My two fav yoyos that I have tried are the ILYY Wasabi and the ILYY Mary.

keep spinning



Ive tried all three,m1,DNA,skyline


Have: 888, M1, PGM

Used: Catch 22, Skyline, and DV888


Have: Legacy, X-convict, Silk

Want/Tried: SuperStar, 09 888, Black Knight

(Shisaki) #5

Fav yoyos a have are my speedmaker, legacy, and M1. Never tried anyone elses yoyos.


have: Project, bvm, and m1

Tried: Peak, Superstar, bape


have- BvM, Peak, and K-os Extreme

want/have tried- Black Knight, sorry, don’t have another


Axiom, Stripped G5, and Project.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Ryan) #9

hmmm i have both hitman and xconvict but i just dont know why i like to play them combined so 1 side is xconvict and the other side is fitman ;D ;D ;D.other than that i have no more yoyos…

never tried any other yoyo except a PGM,G5 and dv888


Have\ordered: Vyolence Cut,DNA & m1
Want:Skyline,Catch22 and Peak.

(cottoncandym1) #11

Have: superstar,m1,mini motu
Tried: project(regular and markmont),888, g5


Have: BvM, Peak, DV888

Tried: Catch 22, Oxy 4, Dert.

(Mark) #13

Have: Speeder, Speed Maker


Don’t have: 888, Skyline

(Jamesofyoyo) #15

have: xvict with concave berring, stacked pmg, aquaris. :o

dont have: superstar, dv888, project. :wink:


I have: X-convict, Dark Magic and Lyn Fury
Sorry I never tried another persons yoyo yet