Post your top 3 favorite yoyos.Its for a school project

So im doing a school project where i need to find out all of your TOP 3 fAVORITE YOYOS.Just write it like a list like here are mine. 888x,Speed Frreak, and boss.

Dv888, northstar, popstar

protostar, hitman pro, kyo dns

YYF Rock Star, YYJ Hit Man Professional, CLYYW Campfire.

Gnarwhal, bvm, x-yo Excalibur

protostar starlite northstar

No. 9, Northstar, MMZ/Freehand Mikey

This list would go on forever.

Genesis, kahiji, virus.

Wooly Marmot, 54, Yuuksta

Punchline repeater, Peak, bully

Northstar, DV888 and Genesis

northstar, protostar, dark magic2

888, Genesis, Spilt Decision

Supernova lite, 44 special, Skyline

44 special, Supernova lite, and DV888

Hitman PRO, New Breed, Dark Magic

SuperStar, Genesis, Primo. :wink:

Dark Magic, Genesis, Legacy

BOSS, 54, and MarkMont

bassboost carbon 888x