What is yo-yoing?


I think of yo-yoing as manipulating the spin and reacting to what happens fastly, and smoothly.
So if you would… describe yo-yoing in about a sentence or less.

(Troy(oyo) #2

Art, swag, creativity, concentration, relaxation, individuality, silly, serious, flashy, simple, hobby, sport, collecting, playing, interacting, and befriending.

Something like that maybe?



A generally enjoyable activity that is suitable for many ages, boys and girls, young and old, and encourages creativity and reinforces dexterity.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Tethered Gyroscope Manipulation.


ah, but what of 4a? (i think 2a also applies as it is generally not used as a gyroscope)

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Untethered free flying gyroscopic balance and manipulation.

And what you just said about 2A proves to me that you don’t know whats involved in 2A tricks.


(Raphael) #7


(Jei Cheetah) #8

Whats your favorite ice cream, cause Im gonna buy you a ton.


Art on a string.


What I’m doing right after this post.


That thing you get in trouble for in school when your teacher takes it away in class. Then you see him try it behind his desk and ding up your brand new catch 22. Good times.




Yoyoing- (v.) the action of playing with an untethered free flying gyroscopic balance and manipulation… or a yoyo.


A spinning weight at the end of a string

(Edmeister) #15

Anythin you want it to be silly. For me its fun hobby and cool

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #16
  1. A special moment of the day to relax.
  2. The opportunity for self expression.
  3. Exploring and moving into new and exciting styles of play.
  4. The time of day when hard work, practice, and dedication come together.
  5. A daily ritual of joy.
  6. Living in the present while planning for the future.
  7. Boredom reliever.
  8. A toy that keeps me happy.
  9. A beautiful piece of art with a great and long history.
  10. It’s classic and classy!
  11. It’s always smiles and happiness.
  12. It’s perfect for filling the gaps between the days activities.
  13. It’s special.
  14. It’s for me!


yoyoing’s what we do, not who we are.




I don’t know about that. Many days I feel like I have a string tied around my mid-section and I’m spinning around and being pulled up and down and thrown about. Oh wait, I’m married. My bad. I got confused for a second there.


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