What is yo-yo vibe and how do I test for it?


It’s pretty simple, just taking it out and putting it back in. Feels like a crapshoot as to whether or not it’ll actually change anything, though.


Well, I turned the axle around in my Wedge, and if it helped the vibe at all it wasn’t by much. Not enough to really notice at any rate.

Plastic yoyos like the Wedge are going to vary considerably (more than metal) from one specimen to the next in terms of things like vibe. I guess mine is just vibey-er than most, and when combined with my unrefined throwing technique, the vibe gets really magnified.


People get overly concerned with vibe. Keep in mind there is a distinct difference between vibe and wobble seen in seriously out of balance yoyos.


How long have you had it? And did you get it from us? If so send us an email or call and we can try to help you out.


How vibey is it relative to metal? That’s the gold standard. Plastic is never gonna be perfect in terms of vibe. I just tested a few I have here on hand

  • Mojo
  • Diffusion
  • Addiction
  • Wedge

All of those would be at best 3~4/5 on the vibe scale where 5/5 is perfect or near perfect and many metal throws today achieve that IMO.


Yeah, I bought my Wedge from YYE a couple of weeks back. I made a video showing the vibe and linked to it in another thread:

The thing is I don’t have much trouble getting my metals to spin with almost imperceptible vibe, nearly all of which is certainly due to my less-than-perfect throwing mechanics. However, I am never able to throw down my Wedge without getting the oscillating vibration as shown in the video I posted.

I should also add that touching a finger to the gap of the Wedge as it spins has, in my tests, had no meaningful effect on the vibe.


I just watched your video. There’s definitely a bit of a pulsing vibe. I know you’ve already tried it but take it apart again. Take the axle completely out again. Then put it back together and test it. Try that a couple of times. You can sometimes get lucky where the axle sits between the two halves and eliminate most or all of a pulse. If it doesn’t work I’ll bet the folks at YYE will help you out. They are very good about customer service where these things are concerned.


I guess there’s no harm in taking it apart a few more times; it’s not like I’m going to be selling it to anyone. It’s worth noting, though, that the vibe in that video is the best it gets; usually it is quite a bit worse depending on how clean/straight a throw I achieve.

I don’t expect a plastic yoyo to perform like a metal yoyo. But this Wedge just seems notably worse (in terms of vibe) than any of my other plastic yoyos, including my Sage and ProtoStar.


Yes I agree. The video shows a “pulse” kind of vibe which is definitely annoying. I don’t mind some vibe on a plastic yoyo but a pulse is a deal breaker for me.


Aha! Some good information from @tyler_severance on this:

Tight bearing seats put a lot of Yoyo Manufacturers “between a rock and a hard place” so to speak.

We can either take the risk of machining a looser bearing seat…which means we will lose concentricity in the bearing seat, potentially making your Yoyo vibrate or wobble. Adds to the difficultly of maintaining your yoyos smoothness once it leaves the factory (the bearing will never sit the same way twice).

Or go with a slightly tighter bearing seat. Which might make it slightly harder to disassemble/reassemble, but will keep your yoyo maintaining it’s smoothness (so long as it’s not hit hard enough on the ground to bend the wall/axle).

Most go tighter, than looser.

Like Tom mentioned, colors will change the bearing fit also. Darker colors build more pigment onto the metal.

More evidence that vibe and the bearing seats are strongly interrelated, at least on monometal yoyos.