What is this yoyo?

I saw a guy in my homeschool group with these. The thing that made me post this is that they say Fast on them, in a yoyofactoryish looking logo…
It has a transaxle and the weirdest response ever.

Looks like an old spinstar to me


Well thats lame!

Yup, saw these in a sporting goods store a while back when I picked up my PGM. Definitely something I wouldn’t see myself trying…I’ll stick with my Velocity.

Sheesh! I can’t let the injustice go on in this thread. It has to be stopped! I’ve used the spinstar with hundreds of new players over the years and I have to say…It’s one of the best yoyo’s to learn with. This thing takes a beating like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen this thing bounced off of sidewalks, walls, and stepped on. Although it appears the earlier versions were transaxle, judging from the pic, those I’ve experienced have a great bearing thats stays on the axle so kids don’t drop them in the grass or mud.

It is a bit heavy but … I can do so much on this yoyo, very superior to the 201 imo and even other popular yoyos that are suggested for beginners. I’m not saying that it is ever going to be a main player for me but if I see one laying around I’m going to give it a throw.

And now is the moment you’ve been waiting for…I’m coming down off my soap box …so flame on. ::slight_smile: (I feel better now ;D)

it looks like a precedent or a spinstar