What is this chart?

So, I’ve been looking at this chart and I don’t quite get it.


What does it mean by performance?
Is that the amount of grippyness? (Yep, that’s a word now.)

How do flowable silicone and RTV stack up to this chart?

Edited to fix the chart.

it goes like this: ^
performance |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ >


Sorry, I didn’t realize it didn’t post the chart.


My question is, what does performance mean?
When it performs better does that mean it has more grip?

Also, how would RTV and flow able silicone fit into this chart?

oh I thought you didn’t know what the lines were

It’s cool. I know what they are, just not what performance means :slight_smile:

Probably some blanket term meaning that it has broken in, works, and hasn’t worn out yet.

The basic idea is that when you put in brand new response pads it takes a little time to break them in so they’re working consistently and at their best. Performance is basically how well it stays consistently performing at it’s desired/designed level of grip. When the performance goes down on the graph, it indicates that the pads have started wearing out. The further along that dip occurs, the longer the pad will last before it starts wearing.

^ that’s from the site of the manufacturers of those pads and graph (only just realised they had a store on their site… why did it take me so long to notice that… Glad I noticed before Billybobs.)

I’ve personally found my experience with each of the pads to be pretty spot on to the descriptions. I’ve enjoyed swapping out YYF pads and feeling the difference with each.

Personally, of all the yoyofactory pads, I’ve found the natural ones (orange on the graph) to be my favourite. They have a good amount of grip without being snaggy, and they keep a consistent feel for a really long time. Probably my favourite response system for any yoyo, I feel that they are actually the best “all around pads”… Like white pads, only better.

I’ve got the yellow pads in my 7075 Supernova at the moment and they also seem to be pretty decent. Definataly got a bit more grip than the white pads but I wouldn’t say as much as the natural. I’ve only had them in for a couple of days so it’s hard to comment on the longevity, but I’d agree with the description.

Flowable silicon seems to be the response of choice for a lot of players. I only have one silicones throw but it seems to have pretty decent longevity. I bought it second hand so I don’t know if it had a different feel when new…

Obviously take that graph with a pinch of salt, it’s just a visual representation of what you can sort of expect from each pad to give you a better idea. :slight_smile:


I was hoping it would explain how grippy the different colors are.
Alas. I’m probably going to try those orange ones some time though since you seem to like them so much.

Well feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding specific colours. I have all the coloured pads (apart from green) in various yoyos at the moment, so if you really need details I can go home and give them all a good throwing.

From experience I’d say that Natural (orange) are the most consistently grippy. They’re not grabby by any means, but they’ve got a bit more grip than the standard pads.

Least grippy would probably be the red pads.

Thanks! How grippy is the siliconed throw?
I only have one responsive throw right now so I can’t compare :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s slightly more grippy than the standard white pads, but not quite as much as the natural pads.

Obviously the thing with silicon is it’s applied by hand, so it’s all down to who put it in and how recessed they made it. The advantage of silicon is that you can pretty much tailor it to how much response you want. :slight_smile:


Well it will probably be a while till I change anything anyway since I want to use up these pads first, but I’ll probably go natural when I do.


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What is the life span of these pads? My too hot came with neutrals and didn’t grip much at first ubless with a decent bind. Now after 2 days of play, my throw acts like a responsive at times if you flick it up hard.

Any kind of pads breaking in won’t cause an unresponsive yoyo to become tug responsive. It sounds like your bearing is probably dirty, I’d suggest cleaning it.

Even the shortest lifespan pads will last months in most players hands.

I figured that was also a possibility. Gave it a thorough cleaning. Read to use a needle to apply lube. Really didn’t look like much at all. That’s all it needs? It seems to be playing well now.

Yep, a needle point of lube is all that’s necessary. You can use more, but it will make the bearing slightly responsive until the lube disperses/breaks in. I usually use just enough to slow the bearing down slightly versus a dry bearing when spinning it on a pen after cleaning. That way I know there’s enough, but it will break in quickly.

The Besring deff seems a little slower but still kinda loud. Maybe that’s just the nature of ct bearings.

Interestingly I thought it was a chart to show how high different colored worms can get when they are doing pushups

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That’s what I was hoping when I saw the chart too. But unfortunately, the worm mystery may never be solved. :slight_smile: