What is the meaning of life?


That’s it, pretty sure ice-cream has something to do with this…






Yes, but what is the question?

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That is the question!

There’s the rub…

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Why does your existence necessitate some sort of Universal truth or meaning?

As one of the greatest minds of our generation said so eloquently:

“I Just Wanna Rock!”
- Dee Snyder.

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I’ve noticed in life is that man has a natural desire to seek truth, but I do wanna Rock while I seek it! :slight_smile:


The question is the answer


The journey is the destination.


But isn’t that the answer to “What is six multiplied by nine?”…

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its not the meaning of life, its the FEELING of life. Be here in the now, be aware, and be thankful always.
Life is a ride. Enjoy it. Dont forget that its only a ride, try to remember that those flashing lights and loud noises are just part of the ride. No one is getting out of here alive. So enjoy it! Make the world a better place. Be the change you want to see in the world, and inspire others to be better.


It’s great being bacteria.


Monty Python answered this question definitively.