What Is The Magic Yoyo D6 Crystal made of?


The fluorescent yellow version to be precise. I know the clear version is made from acrylic.


I think I’m gonna start collecting some of these throws, so cheap yet so cool looking. Anyway, there’s the link, oh and there is some aluminum in it also.


It’s a slippery slope, I picked one up on a whim with some other (non yo-yo) stuff from Amazon, now I have 4 and my co-worker has 3.


So they play well I take it?


The ones I’ve played are great. I’d stay away from any with stacks because I didn’t have much luck with them (and I love stacks!), but the N12 plays far above it’s price range.


The truth about these yoyos is they play so well I almost feel like a fool for paying over $100 for some of my other throws. They are also made well, and the Chinese KonKave very they come with is a fantastic bearing.

Magic yoyos hold their own perfectly well against expensive yoyos.

Take the Z-stacks of an n9, and you an unbelievably stable and dead smooth yoyo.