What is the Difference between WYYC and IYYC


What is the Difference between WYYC and IYYC.

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The WYYC has been going on longer and more people will be going to it this year.


The WYYC is the “true” championship, if you will.  It is the event sanctioned by the newly formed IYYC and it is the continuation of the contest that has been held in Orlando every August since 2000.  Here is a brief article about the WYYC.

The IYYC is an event that was just created this year by Duncan and offers the most cash prizes in yoyo contest history.

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The World YoYo Contest is the official World Championship, and is the highest level of titled competition.

The International YoYo Championship is a promotional event thrown by Duncan Toys to promote their Disney Alliance Partnership and serve as a brand-building exercise. It is not recognized by any official governing body, and is not part of the existing contest system.


And also a contest packed with some of the best players in the world, in pretty much the most public venue you could ever hope for, with a production value above just about anything else out there.

So while it certainly is a Duncan promotional event (which was also sponsored by other yo-yo companies), it’s also a very high quality event that does quite a lot to promote yo-yo on a large stage.


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Yep. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become the multi-national for North/South America in pretty short order. André and I have a pretty amazing event planned in Vegas, but we definitely don’t have the kind of budget that Duncan does. The amount of money they spent on that contest is pretty insane.

Although, to be fair, it was only about 20% more than Greg claims to have spent on Worlds every year. Take that as you will. :wink:


Yea I’m excited to see how Vegas goes. I like the idea of rolling in with similar-minded events, but the timing doesn’t work for me personally.

The amount of money thrown around for IYYC and for the Disney deal in general is nuts… truly impressive.

No comment about previous worlds, I’ve seen the books in some years and I know it was expensive… but I won’t take any guess as to the things Greg might have said :slight_smile:



Man, I’m close to Vegas. I would be really excited if I could go. :slight_smile:


There will be lots of Japanese people at WYYC
There wasn’t many at IYYC :stuck_out_tongue: