what is mineral spirits made for?

I know mineral spirits is a good bearing cleaner, but what was it made for? This might be a silly question, but I dont clean hearings (I asked a friend to do it once). Is it made for yoyos? Or cars or something?

It’s a cleaning solvent. Used for painting and such. Think: turpentine.

Paint thinner :slight_smile: not for cats … ------>SQUIRREL<------

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I believe you clean your paintbrushes in it after doing some painting right?

HAHAHA hilarious bro.

It’s a paint thinner. Just a low oder one.

If you are painting with an oil-based paint (spraypaint, other paint), you would use mineral spirits (another name for paint-thinner) to clean up your mess and your brushes since water wouldn’t be able to clean it up (it’s oil-based)

Its poisonn… Use 90% iso alcohol instead, and you wont burn your nostrils off

I immediately thought Duck Dynasty XD and I’ve noticed out of everything I’ve used Paint thinner is the best. It’s just kind of dangerous. Accidentally put it in a plastic cup and left it there for 20 minutes and the walls of the cup had started to cave in.

It’s not poison. It’s not meant to be drunk.

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Quit spreading useless nonsense.

Wikipedia is your friend.

Which poisons are meant to be drunk?

My dad uses it to put his grips n his golf clubs or something…

I’d suggest hair spray. I’m assuming he uses it as lubricant to help slide them on. Hairspray acts as a lubricant while it’s wet, then when it dries, it acts as an adhesive.


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