what is mineral spirits made for?


I know mineral spirits is a good bearing cleaner, but what was it made for? This might be a silly question, but I dont clean hearings (I asked a friend to do it once). Is it made for yoyos? Or cars or something?


It’s a cleaning solvent. Used for painting and such. Think: turpentine.


Paint thinner :slight_smile: not for cats … ------>SQUIRREL<------


I believe you clean your paintbrushes in it after doing some painting right?



HAHAHA hilarious bro.

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It’s a paint thinner. Just a low oder one.


If you are painting with an oil-based paint (spraypaint, other paint), you would use mineral spirits (another name for paint-thinner) to clean up your mess and your brushes since water wouldn’t be able to clean it up (it’s oil-based)


Its poisonn… Use 90% iso alcohol instead, and you wont burn your nostrils off


I immediately thought Duck Dynasty XD and I’ve noticed out of everything I’ve used Paint thinner is the best. It’s just kind of dangerous. Accidentally put it in a plastic cup and left it there for 20 minutes and the walls of the cup had started to cave in.

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It’s not poison. It’s not meant to be drunk.


Quit spreading useless nonsense.


Wikipedia is your friend.

Which poisons are meant to be drunk?


My dad uses it to put his grips n his golf clubs or something…


I’d suggest hair spray. I’m assuming he uses it as lubricant to help slide them on. Hairspray acts as a lubricant while it’s wet, then when it dries, it acts as an adhesive.

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