What is happening with the forum teams?


So what is happening with these teams, we need to do something, a team battle or something

(Chase Baxter) #2

I posted a team battle thread competetion before, but nobody cared, at all :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear about that, but something needs to be done, I think anybody that is in a team and wants to battle say yes below

(Thomas) #4



How do you join these forum teams? I would like to make a video and post it to anybody who would like to sponsor me in a forum team. So is that how you join, and who are some people who have a forum team?


There are many teams floating around at the second, off the top of my head I can think of:

Team Amai Deyou, (I’m in this team but I don’t know who the leader is)
Team 24/7
Team Kusagari,

If you see any one with the team name in their signature just send them a private message and they might help you out!


You forgot AirGlow United. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love how these teams pop on every forum but never do anything.

(M²) #9

well, i personally expected them to die off, and they did. But we might be able to arrange something if people want to do it.


See thats what I want to change, I don’t think I could do t personally but as you say, if people want to do it then we should


I WANNA! GO TEAM 24/7!!! :stuck_out_tongue: