Forum Teams Description

Hey peeps, many of you know that we have been making up teams here on the forum. I just want to clear a few points:

  • These are not teams as in sponsers. If your team wants to do stuff like t-shirts then they can but it is not like a professional teams.
  • These teams can be used for anything.
  • They are like forum “gangs” or groups.
  • You can make up a team you dont have to join one.
  • Dont matter if you are not good enough, its all for fun.
  • Try to include everyone in your group
  • We ARE doing stuff. Currently there is a mini game and a tournament coming up so it not like we are just pretending.,14850.0.html,14613.0.html
  • Many of you think this is childish, well it kinda is. But if you dont like it you dont have to be a part of it. No need of telling us again and again this is stupid. ok  ;D
  • You can make a team or join a team here:,14584.0.html
  • Feel free to make another post telling people about your team.
  • Also feel free to challenge other groups in team battles.
  • Have fun.

Thank you. I might add or change some things in here. And please dont comment on this page if you are gonna say this is stupid.


bump just incase some of you need clarification.

Eh, I’m gonna be testing a lot of video and editing stuff out in a while, so I might as well make a team.

I shall call it: Team ____
That is the name. Team ____. PM me if you wanna join. I want to to video battles in the future, so I’m gonna want to see some vids and stuff.

Can I be on Team ______?

I have a bad feeling about team ______. :frowning:

You can be on Team ____. But it’s only 4 _'s.

Oh sorry! lol then it’s Team ____!

This will be helpful kei! Thanks!

Ooh! I can’t wait to see who’s on Team ____!

Uh-oh Samad and Icthus on team__! is not good. lol

NO! IT’S 4 _'s! :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me if you want to join. You should have the ability to make a decent video, and some skill.

Can haz be on team ____?

Scratch that. I’ll stay by my words when it comes to these teams.