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(Kei) #1

Hey peeps, many of you know that we have been making up teams here on the forum. I just want to clear a few points:

  • These are not teams as in sponsers. If your team wants to do stuff like t-shirts then they can but it is not like a professional teams.
  • These teams can be used for anything.
  • They are like forum “gangs” or groups.
  • You can make up a team you dont have to join one.
  • Dont matter if you are not good enough, its all for fun.
  • Try to include everyone in your group
  • We ARE doing stuff. Currently there is a mini game and a tournament coming up so it not like we are just pretending.,14850.0.html,14613.0.html
  • Many of you think this is childish, well it kinda is. But if you dont like it you dont have to be a part of it. No need of telling us again and again this is stupid. ok  ;D
  • You can make a team or join a team here:,14584.0.html
  • Feel free to make another post telling people about your team.
  • Also feel free to challenge other groups in team battles.
  • Have fun.

Thank you. I might add or change some things in here. And please dont comment on this page if you are gonna say this is stupid.


(Kei) #2

bump just incase some of you need clarification.


Eh, I’m gonna be testing a lot of video and editing stuff out in a while, so I might as well make a team.

I shall call it: Team ____
That is the name. Team ____. PM me if you wanna join. I want to to video battles in the future, so I’m gonna want to see some vids and stuff.


Can I be on Team ______?

(Kei) #5

I have a bad feeling about team ______. :frowning:


You can be on Team ____. But it’s only 4 _'s.


Oh sorry! lol then it’s Team ____!


This will be helpful kei! Thanks!


Ooh! I can’t wait to see who’s on Team ____!


Uh-oh Samad and Icthus on team__! is not good. lol


NO! IT’S 4 _'s! :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me if you want to join. You should have the ability to make a decent video, and some skill.

(JonasK) #12

Can haz be on team ____?

Scratch that. I’ll stay by my words when it comes to these teams.