What is bst?

I saw another post that talked about this yoyo what is it?

lol, this not a yoyo ,when they say bst they are refering to the buy sell trade part of the forums

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Once again I prove myself a noob> :’(


Buy sell trade.

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When I first started yoyoing, I thought that matador could only be done on a yyj matador. Lol

Potatobobguy, don’t beat yourself up over being a “noob”. I had the very same question running around my brain for quite a while.

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At first i thought he left the ! out in B!ST (bist). But yes it means buy sell trade.

We’re all noobs at one time or another! :slight_smile:

Well we all started out as a noob. That journey yoyo that they said Grows with your skill, I actully thought it grew…yeah, sad I know. That was major noob.

Bst (Buy sell trade) is a wonderfull place where you can get almost any yoyo for great prices or fair trades, you can also sell your unwanted yoyos and make some much needed dinero.