what is a tech element?

look at title

Tech = Technical. So that means a Technical element.

jeesh thats helpful [/sarcasm]

i knew that, but what is a technical element?

Slack Trapeze. :wink:

Im not gonna name them all but that’s one ::slight_smile:

So “technical” was just too hard for you to spell out? You do know what the word “technical” means right? You can look it up in the dictionary if you don’t.

i assume you’re referring to judging freestyles? ‘technical elements’ is just a way of breaking down the tricks/combos that are observed into clickable ‘packets’. examples would include folds, hops, boings, follow… you might do all of those things within one combo, and depending upon the judge/contest, you’d be awarded a certain number of clicks for each element. if you did like 30 boings in a row, you’d probably receive clicks for the first three reps, but after that you’d earn no new points (or potentially even get negatives depending on the context).

a well-rounded freestyle makes the best use of a diverse range of technical elements without repeating too much. if you watch tyler’s 5a on stage, he does a great job of planning long tangler combos, but he’s always subtly changing the element (i.e. , standard, reverse, outside-the-arm, staircase, etc.) so he’s always accruing points.

really it doesn’t just refer to what people would call ‘technical’ 1a (small, complex, knotted-up tricks). it refers to the way we look at groups of tricks made up of independent sections so they can be quantified (and don’t get me started on how subjective THAT is).


Thanks! It is nice when you get a good answer ;D

Good answers usually require well formulated questions. GIGO. You could have been more specific.

just because you decided to be rude and sarcastic and misunderstand the question does not mean you can blame the person that asked the question if a good answer is given