what is a SPEC bearing??

can somebody tell me what is a spec bearing??

YoYoFactory’s stock bearing.

but what is the difference??

It’s just another bearing.

No, it’s not just another bearing.
The SPEC bearing is the successor to the beloved Dorothy bearing.
The SPEC is a smooth bearing that isn’t stock for all YYF yoyos.

SPEC only comes on metal YYFs, correct me if I am wrong.

I’m pretty sure they come on every YoYoFactory yo-yo. As I’ve said before, “Bearings are bearings are bearings.” That goes for SPEC bearings as well.

SPEC Bearing is a bearing…

alright, if I give you a normal stock bearing, and then a KK bearing or a 10Ball bearing will you feel a difference?
SPEC bearings,similarly to SPEED bearings, are only stock on those really special yoyos, meaning that you won’t find a SPEC bearing stock on a Duncan Mosquito.
Go here to the store area and look at the YoyoFactory Velocity. You’ll see that there isn’t a SPEC bearing stock.

my friends pgm didnt come with a spec

Probably because its PLASTIC Grind Machine.

The dude said that all yyf come with specs. i proved wrong. Come on man, read a bit.
(thats not in any way supposed to be an insult i swear) :wink:

A lot of YYF yoyos come with SPECs. Some come with Center-Tracs.

I’m pretty sure PGMs come with SPECs

SPEC bearings are nice, but really aren’t all that special. They come stock in YYF yoyos, and they are YYF’s bearing, so naturally they won’t be in a Duncan.

Where do you see that the Velocity doesn’t come with a SPEC? I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure it does.

im confused now. ima gonna hafta look that up.

The Plastics do come with SPEC’s, but they are not engraved.

Also, YoYoBlaze - the SPEED bearing is like the SPEC bearing, not the other way around. SPEC’s are stainless steel bearings made by Central Bearing Company.

I’ve gotten & minute or longer spintimes with all kinds of bearings. From stock duncan’s to ten ball. My only thing is the ten ball is more stable due to the extra two balls. It can remove bearing vibe just by putting one in a vibey yoyo. And I’m not talking about the 10ball from onedrop. I’m talking about any 10 ball made. AIRG or onedrop or any other bearing with 10 balls. So as to what mrcnja said. A BEARING IS A BEARING IS A BEARING!