What is a good first wooden kendama

I have a catchy air but plastic can only go so far I think a sweets prime or atack is a good first wooden kendama please let me know if this is the right choice


My first was a sweets prime, I love it. My second was a sweets bought at Target. It’s also great, love the weight. I would recommend that you get something that has a bearing and not a bead. Check the kendama board to see what I mean, I don’t have the brain power to explain. The prime I got had a bearing, makes a huge difference IMO


ok I defiantly am going to check that out thanks

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If you’re really enjoying Kendama, I’d highly suggest either of these:

Grain Theory makes really great Kendama’s. They both include beads in their setup when you get them. They have a tacky finish to help learn tricks. Just all around great kendamas.


The bearing keeps the string from getting tension. You can buy a pack of strings that comes with a bearing/s.

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thanks for letting know about this i will for sure check these out

ok thanks for telling me this i keep trying to find a way to fix my string tension on my catchy air