what is a good bearing?

so i’m getting a irony jp and it comes with a crucial grooved bearing. Is that a good one or are other ones like ceramic koncave better?

Comes down to personal preference. I find the Crucial bearing works great with the Irony JP.


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I had a ceramic bearing and it broke on me. waste of 30 bucks. it was alright while it lasted. but my favorite bearing is the onedrop ten ball.

You’re going to get 8 or more different answers, and they’re all valid. You won’t draw any conclusions from the answers except “Neat, there are some other good bearings out there… I should try them!”

But, I’ll throw mine out there: for flat, I’ve been really enjoying the price and performance of the General Yo AIGR bearing. For profiled, I haven’t landed on a preference yet… have been quite happy with Trifecta, KK, and Center Trac…

Ya know, unless the stock bearing really doesn’t work, just use it. You’d be amazed how little difference there is between bearings, if any at all.
Parts is parts.

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Theres really not a lot of difference between them all. Its hardly noticeable. Id say though that its harder for yoyo to precess with a centering or konkave bearing, which is actually really nice, but a good throw with a 10 ball or stock can get you similar results…