What is a better yoyo?


My friend has a kickside and I have a speed maker ,I was wondering which was better.


whats better an apple or an orange?


An orange lol


there you go! that was about the same as comparing thoses to yoyos

its not about which one is better, its about what one you like more personley

take for example i have an atmoshpere which is a 40$ yoyo, the other day i got a DNA off craigs list which is a 120$ yoyo and let me tell you i suck just as bad when i used the DNA as when i use the atmoshpere


in my opinion i would prefer speed maker!!!

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I think it’s all a matter of preference. I prefer the kickside for slower stylish tricks because it’s wider and has a more balanced feel to it. I can do some pretty nifty grinds, slack and suicides with it.

The speedmaker is easily capable of doing all of those tricks as well, however the shape and balance (at least in my hand, and this all could be subconscious) made it feel far more comfortable when I was doing faster moving tricks. When I was slowing things down to mess with slack or more technical moves the yo-yo had a tendency to start to tilt.

However this is all moot because you could find it all to feel different in your hands. Ask your friend to let you try them out, get a feel for which one you like better. You’ll have your answer.


someone needs a Gibb’s slap! lol preference. There are very few yoyo’s that are better than others.


As you wish, icthus.



Oh my Gosh Brian. You should have just asked me personally.

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it really is just a matter of preference but i personally like speedmaker.


I got a night moves 5 $110 and an H2O $180 the nm5 works better


Great for you… That isn’t relevant to this thread at all.


kickside for me