What is a ano/dye mod?

I’ve seen people treat yoyo’s like that hammer. :o

mullicabob, you seem intent on coming after me on this… which is fine I guess, but I’m not sure why? I certainly won’t be the only one who would tell you that I do know what I’m talking about.

Perhaps your right, perhaps the powder coating I’ve seen from some of the largest coating companies in the -the world- is antiquated. I mean after all, they are only silly little shops with meager billion dollar yearly budgets.

Or, shockingly, our definition of what feels nice could simply be different? No, no… that’d be totally nuts right?

You’ll notice not a single time did I say every part has issues. I’ve only said that there are risks involved in the process. You yourself just said there are a LOT of variables at play, and they all have to be right for it to go smoothly. I have stated, quite clearly, that if everything is done perfectly it works fine… but that at the end of the day, it’s not a surface finish I happen to like. I’m not sure what your problem with that statement is?


P.S. Why don’t I send you a couple yoyos to coat? You seem confident you can change my mind. As a manufacturer I do have quiet a lot of raw yoyos laying around… what do you charge?

If you have a few raw DNSs you’d be willing to sell for cheap, let me know ;D

I have a feeling that a demonstration like that could be irrelevant in our application, as there is hardly ever a time when a yoyo is faced with a perfectly perpendicular impact devoid of abrasion and gashing, because the yoyo is most likely spinning, and against a surface that isn’t completely smooth metal.

I honestly could care less if your the Pope of all things yoyo. You come off stating there are risks with powder. Most of us know that. Then you begin to go into “feel” and “drips” and “runs”. Which must be coming from your mega coaters cause it isn’t coming from anyone I know. If you don’t like it then say it and shut your mouth. Back pedelling to just “I’m letting everyone know” is simply a scape goat for your obvious dislike of anything non ano.

Your mega boys know nothing except production of large batch parts. You don’t and won’t see them doing anything but just what they’re doing now.

I’m intent on making you realize your stuck in a rut from the Flintstones powder business. Don’t ever compaire what I do with anyone else. Don’t compaire your resume either cause frankly based on you running your mouth about the little info you have on powder you just solidify what I was thinking.

You’ll get nothing from me. No taste test. Pick up a beater somewhere of mine so you can confirm your all knowing of the powder. Send it up to your high end boys so they can get a look to.

Guys like you throw something out based on the weight they feel they have. Then when the real info pops up they slide back to the old just letting folks know about it.

Just so happens I’m on break with the powder for a bit so maybe I’ll let that ride indefinitely.

Chill bro.

I didn’t ‘backpedal’ to anything. I didn’t even start off in this thread talking about you in any way shape or form, I didn’t even realize until a few posts in that you were the one who has been doing powder coat work. I have said, in every post, that I’m discussing the risks involved in the process, period. You yourself agreed that there are a lot of variables even…

I beg you to find any place in this thread where I said anything about YOUR work specifically. I have made broad statements about my experience with powder coating only. I have stated that there are risks, and that I don’t happen to like the feel of any powder coating I’ve touched.

I’m really not sure why you’re taking such offense to this? To the point of refusing a customer even?

Weird… carry on I guess? I won’t stop making comments as to the risks of any process with yo-yos. I regularly post about chemical stripping of anodizing and all sorts of other things that many kids here don’t realize there is an inherent risk to. It doesn’t diminish those who do it in any way, it simply provides the rest of the information I feel they need to have.


Never said you mentioned anything about me. Find that in your powder bash.

Right from the start you should have said you don’t like it not six posts later. Simple fact is you lumped powder into one generic all knowing category. I’m here to tell you in your haste you should research what has been going on recently and not fall back on the same old what you think it is.

You being a “professional” should know better. State your opinion that its not for you and leave it at that. State the it has inherent risks leave it at that. Start to say “most people” and you should just go away cause your out of line.

I’m all about options and can offer what “most” people want. I can find a way to make it happen within reason as well. I do my best to represent what powder can bring to the table. But when you talk without knowing what its real potential is you just make it that much harder.

You chill not me

Mullicabob, i think it’s time you need to just admit that Kyo isn’t going to change his mind. I agree completely with you, but I’ve seen kyo argue on stupid stuff previously for as long as it takes the other side to give up. Honestly, kyo may be a “professional”, but in my experiences, he doesn’t conduct himself very professionally. He obviously isn’t going to change his mind, so you’re probably best off just letting this one go. If he wants to believe that PC is what he says it is, fine, let him do that.

But you’ve got tons of customers and personal experience that completely contradict what Kyo has to say. So, let kyo say what he wants. When he hates on PC, just ignore him. We all know your powders are much much better than what he says. So what he says isn’t going to affect all the positive reputation you have. So please, just stop arguing before you give yourself a bad name.

He’s entitled to his opinion like everyone else in this world. Misinformed or not. For me I’d just like to let the facts he doesn’t have be known about powder.

I’m confused… I’m not even sure what we’re arguing about?

All I’ve ever stated at any point in this thread, is that there are risks involved in the process (which you agreed with), and that I don’t like the feel of the coating (which is clearly an opinion). I’m not sure how that could possibly be argued against? At one point I even offered to pay to let you change my mind about it, and you attacked me instead.


Please enlighten me as to the part where you say “I don’t like the feel” I’m having a hard time finding that. While your digging up an excuse for that, answer a question for me your high highness. When you say “durable” are you saying that side by side a powdered yoyo and ano’d yoyo, when walk the dog is applied to them, over concrete surface the ano would come out on top in terms of less damage?

I’ve been hearing some feedback about you. Mainly those that say you’ll argue till your blue in the face even when obviously wrong. Had an old signature that said something to the effect of your always right? That’s soft if it’s true.

I’ll tell you one thing that is absolute fact. You have not had the chance to see what’s available for pc. Your grossly under informed for this arguement which at this point is more of me talking to a wall. You simply stuck your foot in your mouth, fact. Admit that and I’ll let you go on your way so you can make a fool of yourself in another thread.

Tip: research topic then make comment.

So guys, this thread derailed? Should I make a new topic for argument? :stuck_out_tongue:

But you were wrong and don’t know what you’re talking about.

What do I not know what I’m talking about?

flat ano. You also appear to have problems with short-term memory loss.

What does being confused with Flat Ano and Ano have to do with me saying this thread derailed?

It’s them who are trying to figure out what is what.

Or Mullicabob lives in 5043…

I was just joking. I was just going along with the arguing

That seemed real, your good, real good.

Mullicabob, since you have the future equipment and how you do it, does that make you an Alien or do you just live 3,000 years ahead of us???

Ok guys, please keep the thread constructive. No more personal attacks or this thread will be locked.