What Inspires You?

Simple enough right.

What inspires you to create new combos and improve your skills with a yoyo? What types of things motivate and drive you to keep pushing yourself when you find yourself struggling with certain material?

i like watching videos to get me motivated…

Are there any specific throwers that you like to watch?

Tomas Bubak is my fav thrower ;D

hes not the best thrower but i like his style of play :wink:

Well, I’d imagine that the ‘best’ is really just personal preference and perspective.

Listening to different kind of music while you yoyo is very helpful and inspiring.

What genre’s of music do you enjoy listening to for this type of thing?

Not much. I’m pretty much self motivated. I want to get better so I can move onto combos and then just be throwing to amuse myself.

I see videos all the time. It’s not “I want to be like that” or “I want to be able to do that combo”, but more along the lines of “that is what I’m practicing to try to get to”.

I’m throwing for me, so it’s a lot different.

same, i like listening to fast punk rock to get me motivated sometimes

well it gets me pumped up, its not actually motivating

I know what you mean, sort of puts you in the right frame of mind.

thats an excellent way of putting it ;D

No need to double post. That’s what the “Modify” button is for.

What motivates me is watching others do better than me.

Everyone here is better than I am. That’s fine. But only I can suck the way I do!

I see lots of “little kids” with less time in than me are just smokin’ me. I’m jealous. But if they can do it, I can do it. It just might take me longer, but I can improve too.

The pure challenge of it all inspires me. Just having something to put my mind to instead of work, tv, vdeogames, etc… Is important for me. The yoyo is a great tool for that in my opinion.

so true…

watching the kid i teach quickly catching up to me helps me stay motivated. And it’s not that i want to stay ahead of him for the sake of being better than him…i just dont want to run out of things to teach and then become useless haha

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I think we’re about the same, ability wise.

The people here inspire me.

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I realized that I never shared what inspires me… mostly because I’m new around here, so I thought it’d be odd.

Anyhow - for all my hobbies and in life in general… I’m inspired by those that show passion for what they do. Passionate people really give me the drive to work harder and improve myself beyond measure.

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