What If We...


i saw a post asking if 6061 aluminum was reaching its limits. personally id say yes. so why not use different materials? like plastic, other metals, (carbon fiber? maybe? dont really know) with rings made out of tungsten or plain steel or brass…

the point is IF WE CAN DREAM IT, THEN SOMEONE WILL COME ALONG AND MAKE IT. THEN OVERPRICE US AND WE PAY THEM GLADLY. start dreaming. this is now an unofficial What If… post


I Dream Of A Carbon Fiber Body With Inner Weight Rings Of Tungsten. Outer Ring Made Out Of Titanium To Reduce Dings. Titanium/Ceramic Bearings Cuz Why Not I Think It Might Work. And Hubstacks That Dont Vibrate. With An Opinion Of Shells Like 9 Dragons Cuz Also Why The Heck Not. umm running out of steam… small bearings the central bearing and the pads? maybe that would reduce friction? or maybe larger bearings running along half way up the yoyo for better horizontals and finger grinds?


So you would say 6061 has reached it’s limit but you would suggest making yoyo’s out of a bunch of materials that have already been utilized for quite some time?

(InvaderDust) #4

I want a heady glass one made for me by my glass blowing friends. Yeaaah. Would be the king of shelf queens!


I want one made from Krispy Kreme donuts with bearings lubricated with Twinkie filling. :smiley:


Sadly the limits of Krispy Kreme have already been reached.

And Twinkie filling is so responsive; it is only good for looping yoyos.

(yoyobro!) #7

Yeah, Twinkie filling has been out of style for a while sadly…


Krispy Kreme may have reached it’s limits, but has no peers. Twinkie fillings last forever.

(rizkiyoist) #9

The problem with this is the company has to somehow acquire the material, somehow managed to machine it to certain tolerance, and somehow make it perform better than what the abundance aluminum can do.
And even if they managed to do that, not everyone is willing to pay for it.
Though I’m not necessarily a manufacturer, at least I know there is a HUGE risk of going with strange materials, not to mention the time spent on designing, since the material is new you’ll also need to redesign and recalculate everything.
Aluminum alloy are the best because: they have great properties, relatively low priced, can be made into a near perfect circle by a well known method. Unless there is actual performance to be gained by using ‘boutique’ materials to justify the price, then it’s unlikely to be made. At best there might be some experienced modder who like trying out stuff.


Bite your tongue!!!

Twinkie filling will never die.

Maybe I want a looping donut yo. :slight_smile: