What have you done to your 888

Ok guys post here the weirdest things you have done to your 888.
Ok so I put wax on my888 and play soccer with it (don’t ask me how)

i took the stacks off. i live large.

Yoyo’d with it. Yes, rebellious, I know.

Don’t have one. :frowning:

That poor 888.

Gave it away.

We should start a club :stuck_out_tongue:

and my friend throw his off a 2 story building

So, he’s got money to throw away then, huh!

No it was really beat and he was bored

Combined it with a plastic grind machine.

Half PGM/Half 888

how did it play

Surprisingly well actually. Little heavy on the 888 sie but nothing too bad… very playable. Could do all my tricks on it. It was pretty fun to do.

cut it up and put the hubs in a skyline xD


Polish it :stuck_out_tongue: Cut the hubs out.

Got a really long axel and using it as a toilet paper holder.

You did it twice?

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Traded it for a superwide at my first contest. I regret that. XD