What happened to Rustic Yoyo Co.?


I recently followed a new yoyo manufacturer, Rustic Yoyo Co., on Instagram. Their first yoyo, a wooden unresponsive named the Willow just dropped this weekend. I ordered one and was really looking forward to it since I’ve been wanting a unresponsive wooden yoyo, and my 4-year old daughter is named Willow. I received an email confirmation for my order, but the next day I received another email stating that my purchase had been refunded. I was bummed, so I decided to go to their website to see if there was an explanation, only to find they no longer had a website. I then checked to see if they had posted anything on Instagram, but their account was gone there too! Does anyone know what happened to this company?

(Choncworth) #2

Too much Fe2O…


Wow that’s weird. I almost pulled the trigger on one of those too. Following to see whatsup


How much was the Willow?

({John15}) #5

Sounds like they got tangled up with the feds.

You didn’t see anything. They were never here


It was $54.99.


@Glenacius_K, Can you help a brother out?

(Spinworthy Glen) #9

I found a picture of one of their yoyos. Was it the one that kinda looked like it was made from MDF?

I can’t really do any custom orders for a little while. I have too many things I need to make at the moment. In a few weeks I’ll probably be able to make one (if the OP would like one).