What happened to blue print string?


I am more than sure I’m late to the party, but what happened with blue print string? I hear about it in peoples YouTube reviews and cant find it anywhere.


Lots of companies come and go in a niche industry like this. Blueprint, Crucial, etc. That’s the problem with YouTube reviews that are more than a year or two old. There’s always a chance that the company no longer exists.


That’s great, I really wanted to try the crucial 2 bearing too


Blueprint strings were made by Werrd, a yoyo company. When Werrd retired, blueprint went with them.


Well darn it.


BTW, the Crucial 2 style bearing can be currently obtained under other names: Buddha Ripple and Boss Rage, just to name two.


Hey buddy that was some valuable information for me, thanks so much.


The Boss Rage is one of my favorite bearings. I bought a few recently and have put them into my One Drop yoyos in place of the stock flat bearings they came with. They make a huge difference (for me), and I love them.


Where can they be found, anything like it in yoyoexpert


Boss is G2’s branded bearings (I don’t know where they source them from). As far as I know, you can only get them from the gsquared website.


Aaah, I see. Even though I’m a newb, Ive played flat before and i do NOT like it.

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I have really tried to encourage Stu Brown from WERRD to keep at least BluePrint string going - it was exceptional…


I only have 25 or so left. Honestly the best bulk string I know of.