What Gnarwhal did you get!?


Just seeing what everyone got or which one you would want!!

I myself just snagged the last Black w/ Lime Green one. Prior to today i really wanted to get the rockabully edition. But after seeing that they were all the same price, and that they werent really made in limited quantities, I decided to go with the one in which i thought looked the best! And the fact that they were the first to go, must mean that alot of people like this one :smiley:



One of twelve wolverine gnarwhal!!! for reals this time its not imaginary like my chief/peak…


Wolverine Gnarwhal!?! lol



It’s actually one of nine I just looked it up on caribou lodges blog archive. I guess its even more rare than I thought.


I would have purchased the black with lime green speckle Gnarwhal if I hadn’t just purchased a Clareview Chief on Sunday. IMO, you definitely picked the best one. However, there isn’t really a wrong choice here, they are all nice! The rockabully Gnarwhals didn’t turn out anything like the rockabully Sasquatch’s, which is disappointing.


i got the rockabully gnarwhal its color just brings attention to my eye