which gnarwhal should i get?


rockabully or zach gormley i know i spelt them wrong

(Jei Cheetah) #2

The one that you want.


Both are cool. Can’t go wrong.


It’s a gnarwal. Get it, throw it, love it.

You’re welcome.


i like them both the same but which color looks better

(Vizoh) #6

I say zach gormly


if you get the zack gormley you wont have a chance to win the chief. clyw said that its not on the gormley


how can you win a cheif pm a link


Don’t let others make your choices. Flip a coin, that’s how I decided between a Split D and an Irony.

That being said, I vote Zach Gormley.


Get the silver with green splash!

That one’s purty!!!


I doubt the Palli will be on the Rockabully colorway either, but I say that one over the Zach Gormley edition for looks.


if you get the special gnarwhal, you win a dragon chief
clyw announced that its not on the gormley


good thing i didnt like that one anyway lol


I’m pretty sure that Chris said the puffin would only be on the engraved gnarwhals. I’m not positive, but I think that’s what he said.


wont let me buy says 0 seconds


If my memory serves me correctly, all chris said was that it was NOT on the Zach Gormley Edition. They showed a picture of what the palli puffin would look like and that picture was of the Gormley Gnarwhal. Chris then said that it will not be on that edition. But thats it. All other ones are open to it.

As far as your recommendation, I like the rockabully edition myself. I was actually planning to get that one. Right up until tonight when i got home from work. I got home at 10 36. Browsed through all of them and noticed that the special editions were the same price as the rest. Not only that, but there were more Rockabully’s and Zach Gormley’s than anything. So it was pretty clear they were just special editions because they were the same paint schemes as the Sasquatch’s.

So after realizing that, i really just wanted to get what i thought looked the best. So i ended up snagging the last Black w/ Lime Green Splash one.

Either one you choose, you really cant go wrong because, well…its a Gnarwhal. They are amazing throws. So far its my favorite throw !

Good Luck with your decision. By the looks of it, you will have at least another day to choose between the 2.



yeah i love gnarwhals i love undersized yoyos around 50-53

i got the rockabully one i just love the colors