What film/movie did you last watch?

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The first one was a time discrepancy that happened during vick’s story in the interrogation, the second one was… actually the last time I saw it was in December so I don’t remember as much about it, I don’t want to go into detail as to not spoil it for other people, and they are kind of minor and are mostly just about them not being specific about stuff (it can be easily explained if you assume stuff) I also want to point out the number of people who have replied to this topic since I started typing lol. (4 people)


I saw you replying and was waiting haha but yea there was great number of replies lol, Yea i can totally see that them not being specific with the time is something thats a little buggy, but yup overall like you said it was a Good movie.

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Morrissey would write a song to ruin his own good mood…even though it’s not really Morrissey.


Yeah they said all that in the after speech for whatever award they got. Got me to watch it.

Ha ha. It was a simple story but well done I thought. Not everyone can write amazing grace when they change lol.

It’s this one, since I noticed there are several by that name.

(ChrisFrancz) #145

I took this photo last week. Each movie poster features a hand or hands covered with gloves.


Oh man I can’t wait to see Us. I loved Get Out so much.

Also Happy Death Day was quite good as well

(ChrisFrancz) #147

Yesterday I saw a DVD for Get Out and read the back. I assumed it was a horror movie spoof. I was wrong. I will see Us and Captive State next week.


Ooo, award winner I didn’t like. Ha! Get Out. So hackneyed. Plus I couldn’t get over the whole hypnosis is real and consciousness transfer. I mean, if you can transfer it, can’t you erase it making the hypnosis part all needless. But that’s just me.


I see someone is bitter because Green Book sucked :wink:

I’ll just leave this here, and figuring out which is which as an exercise for the reader


I mean Green Book was OK… ish… but best picture? No way in a million years should that have happened.

(ChrisFrancz) #150

Yeah, I could care less about what they award what. I never watch those inbred Hollywood award love fests either.


Not even close on the bitter part. I don’t need some rating site to validify my opinion. Not sure what it beat out either, but the awards are completely useless ihmo. RT is just as much a hob knob fest as any award society so I don’t rely on them either, but my own opinion. I’ve liked several movies they slam.
Notice the large discrepancy from RT to fans, 19.9% lower. I’m in that 20% lower column (rounded up). But I do support and encourage anyone’s honest opinion of anything. Mine saw ‘Get Out’ as a classic rap album from the last 20 years, saying all white people are wanting to be black because they are the coolest social pedigree to look up to from the suburbs. I’m not from the Burb’s, oops. But, don’t make me pull my black friends card! I have Aaron Neville’s sound engineer on my side and more. ROTFLMAO

Edit: Yeah Yeah… if it’s not self evident by the absurdity of that last statement, it’s a hilarious joke. Added smiley face.
To the rap album part, no I don’t mean the albums themselves but the critique of ‘cultural appropriation’, ‘culture vulture’s’, and more to the point ‘cultural theft’ as many articles and even movies has described happened/happening. If you open your eyes, there isn’t a cultural theft imho, there’s integration. So there isn’t a white stealing black culture. There’s just US culture. Luckily yoyo’ers see a worldwide audience easily so open your eyes even more and there’s just a worldwide culture. Bits and pieces of everything through a prism of personal taste and adjustments. This to me isn’t based on certain people wanting to be other people, it has to do with wanting to be rad (80’s), cool (90’s), and swag (2000’s). Who cares who sets the trends, be happy you set em. Don’t complain when you promote yourself as having the coolest look and then people copy it. They just want to look cool too. I was known as ‘flight pants man’ in 8th grade. That’s all I wore lol. I even had the matching shirt like MJ in thriller! I thought I was so cool, so I was. Well that and I was dating twin sisters. :sunglasses:

So Get Out to me was as cliche (trite, hackneyed) as you said Green Book was. I agree on both, but why? Because the cliche part comes from hearing/seeing the truth of these stories your whole life. Like Metallica said, Sad but True. Plus I love difference of opinion, like Twain said, it makes a horse race. But don’t think I would ever think less of someone because they liked Pepsi more than Coke, when Coke is easily better! :rofl: Or a movie, or food, etc.

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Exactly why I refuse to watch any Pixar, Disney, Whatever movie. I do not have kids so I do not have endure the torture of watching anything animated.

(Spinworthy Glen) #153

It’s not torture to watch animated movies when you have kids or listen to their music.

Everything about having children sounds hellish to those who don’t have them.


Most adults aren’t actually adults either


You should try ‘Ninja Scroll’! Oldie but a goodie and can show not all animated is created equal. YMMV.

Now if you want something more Disney but worth watching you might want to try ‘Your Name’.

I love how the breeders tell people that ‘you never know unconditional love and true love until you have a child’. That’s so silly. I was a child. So was any adult. And I remember fully and completely what that love was in my heart. There is no magic that occurs when you have children. The magic has always been with all of us.

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Do you have kids?


What’s that matter to true love, not biology? I know there is no special unlocking of Love for having them? I mean I understand the biology and imprinting they have on parents making them feel special. Along with the egotistical response of parents thinking their offspring is something special, but that is a complete illusion. Having or not having offspring is irrelevant.

(Spinworthy Glen) #158



And completely true.

But to get serious. If we can. What is so special about forcing another human being to live and die for your desire without their consent? Is that not a perfect description of selfishness? I mean with 7 billion plus humans on this planet it’s not about survival of species by several billion. It’s about a piece of you living on if you’re not connected to the whole and part of everything already.

Edit: video link NSFW:


I dunno, you should ask your parents that :wink:

While I wouldn’t force being a parent on any human, the parent to child connection is unlike any other relationship I’ve ever had in my life; it is the fiber that connects all of us through time. You, I, and everyone else are one long unbroken string of continuous living matter from literally the beginning of time. :exploding_head:

Speaking of, my favorite kids movie is Iron Giant, with Babe as a close second. Both are fun for kids from age 9 to 99. :baby: :older_man: