What film/movie did you last watch?

(Jacob Waugh) #121

lol, yeah I loved that movie though.

(Ethan Phelps) #122

Captain Mavel!!!


Revived Willis and Travolta’s career too. So good.

Exactly! Haven’t seen season 3 yet, the last one. Read it was cancelled too.


Not surprised if it’s cancelled, honestly shocked it lasted as long as it did. 3 seasons is a pretty good run for an evil dead spinoff.


Just Finished Watching the Movie Searching, Definitely would Recommend it

(ChrisFrancz) #126

I saw three really, really great movies in the last week: Greta, The Green Book, and Fighting With the Family.


I super did not like Green Book. So cliched.

(Jacob Waugh) #128

Yeah I liked that one a lot too.

(ChrisFrancz) #129

The Green Book?

Fighting With the Family is based on a true story. I was alone for the early bird matinee and I laughed out loud at points and cheered during the closing scenes. After the movie there were video clips of the family the movie was based on. It was an awesome movie. I loved it.

(Jacob Waugh) #130

Searching, I guess I replied to the wrong person lol.

(ChrisFrancz) #131

I saw Searching. I thought it was good!

(Jacob Waugh) #132

Yeah I only saw like 1 or 2 very small plotholes, that’s a plus, I am normally quite critical.

(ChrisFrancz) #133

I’m that way with novels that take place in other time periods.


What Plot Holes did you see?

(Justin ) #135

Interstellar! If you haven’t seen this within the last year, please watch it. I watched it for the second time last week, and spoiler: it’s 10x better the second time. A must watch for those who enjoy space or science-related films.


Me either. I thought by the end of season 2 it had gotten weaker. But then I think maybe it’s just not ‘new’ anymore and it just seems like weaker writing due to familiarity. lol.

Have you seen the much older ‘Battle Royal’. Another good one.


Still a true story too and the dude could play! It does make you wonder what his son (Tony Lip) wasn’t allowed to put in the movie. Don Shirley and Tony both had much of the story they did not want in the movie and Don said it could not be made until he was dead. His son had approval of the script from both of them before they died but I would imagine it would have been more rounded if more was included.

(ChrisFrancz) #138

Even if it was fiction, I would have enjoyed it the same. I did not read up on the backstory. I am sure there will be a book.


Well, my reaction to Green Book was basically this… it’s… really not good

(David ) #140

No I haven’t. Will have to check it out.