What film/movie did you last watch?

({John15}) #101

Yea, it was pretty weird… But I guess it offered some closure and context to the story. They could have took a little more time on that plot though

(ClockMonsterLA) #102

That episode was polarizing among fans. For those who binged the whole season in a single sitting (which does not include me; I tend to watch one episode per night), the episode brought the overall narrative to a screeching halt while it sidetracked to a largely irrelevant story, the only purpose of which seemed to be to give 11 her punk look and attitude. On the other hand, Millie Bobby Brown fans loved that episode because it was completely focused on her character, even at the expense of the overall story’s forward momentum. Personally, I neither loved nor hated that episode.

(InvaderDust) #103

Just watched Dark Crystal. So imaginative and beautiful, in a dark way. Really holds up for being released in '82.

(Gethin) #104

We need to talk about Kevin. Don’t look it up, just watch it, super freaky


The Man who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot.

({John15}) #106

“Oklahoma”. My goodness how times have changed…


Border. From the writer of ‘Let the right one in’.


Suspiria. Don’t bother unless you want to be really bored with some over the top gore splashed in to try and make up for the useless remake.

I’ve been going through the ‘odd’ list lately. Next is “Good Manners”. .99c on Amazon Prime but it looks promising!


Oh I saw “Seven Psychopaths” and it was very, very funny. Recommended!


Bro, check out ‘In Bruge’ one of the best of all time! Same writer. Friendship jumping from a tower, I’m not crying, you’re crying!

So many one liners…

“You’re an inanimate object”!

“You can’t sell horse tranquilizers to a midget”.

and more!

({John15}) #111

Age of Deciet 3 :flushed:


I’ll second In Bruges. Listed as a crime/drama, but it’s an awkward comedy all the way. Haven’t seen it since it came out, I might have to go back and watch it again soon now that you got me thinking about it!

Last movies for me - Bubba Hotep, My Name is Bruce, and Army of Darkness - I was on a Bruce Campbell kick for some reason this weekend haha.

(David ) #113

This little piece of chaos…image

(Jacob Waugh) #114

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (Still don’t know what I think about it) The Theory of Everything (Pretty good) Passenger 57 (forgettable)


It’s hilarious in that dark comedy genius way! It’s like Idiocracy and Christmas Story. Ones I try to watch annually.

Bubba Hotep came on the other night. I hadn’t seen it in a while. Have you watched the series Ash vs the Evil Dead?!?!!!

(David ) #116

This is classic!

(Evan Brown) #117

Pulp Fiction, incredible movie with lots of little hidden details and Easter eggs to look for. A true work of genius


Yep! I was just thinking about rewatching it this week too. Over the top and completely ridiculous, but that’s the fun of it right? And the sheer number of Ash one liners alone is enough to keep me watching lol.

(Jacob Waugh) #119

Stranger than Fiction (Will Ferrel) felt a bit like the Truman show.

({John15}) #120

I saw that movie with my parents when it first hit the cinema. I was 7 years old, and I am still not entirely convinced that I am not a part of some big conspiracy lol. No joke, that movie messed me up in the head! Hahaha