What film/movie did you last watch?


BTW that is a terrifying horror movie. Not for the faint of heart.

(Jacob Waugh) #42

I also just saw Conspiracy Theory (mel gibson), The Last Castle (Robert Redford), Infinity War (quite disappointed) and this:


House of Whipcord


I found that movie boring.

(Christopher Dougherty) #45

That’s what I was told as well, I still think it was a great movie, it was fresh, it seems like all they are doing anymore is either marvel movies or remakes, I love Marvel tho! Lol, I was a huge comic book junkie when I was a kid haha

(Justin ) #46

Mr. Nobody. I’ve seen it 10 times at least; it just never gets old.


Wow if you thought Hereditary was boring that’s… odd. What’s the last horror movie you saw that you liked?

Also @threebearrries Mr. Nobody is a strange sci-fi movie.

(Justin ) #48

That’s why it’s so great!!


I heard it compared to The Shining so I went in with the bar set really, really high…


I saw this just now, and it was decent, but if you liked that I have to say you should definitely see Lady Bird (2017)!

I watched this and it is great fun. I have vague memories of seeing it before? At any rate, quirky fun. Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite a bit.


1990 ninja turtles. If pressed I would say it’s my favorite movie.

(Ettore Ferro) #52

I did. Very good. I think it shows a deep part of american life. Very Good.


The Alien Factor (1977)

Comes free as part of Amazon Prime in the UK. Don Dohler’s first film, exceptionally low budget monster movie made with a bunch of non-actors. I love it, third viewing and I love it more each time I watch it!

(Jacob Waugh) #54

Yeah, I thought it was the weirdest ending to a Rom Com ever.


Messiah Of Evil (1973)

Great slow burning atmospheric Lovecraft-esque horror that I hadn’t seen before. Just the kind of thing I dig!

({John15}) #56

First Man :rocket::artificial_satellite::milky_way::waxing_gibbous_moon::man_astronaut:


VICE - If y’all didn’t see the new movide about Richard (D**k) Cheney than you should definitely see it this weekend!!

(Jacob Waugh) #58

Expendables 3.


First Man (2018). This was SUUUPER good. Super good! I highly recommend.


Serenity (2019). Out now.