What film/movie did you last watch?

(Tyler) #21

I’d recommend the Hulu one. The one on Netflix has one of the F-Jerry guys as an executive producer.

(Samuel) #22

I last watched shoplifters at somerville it is like an art thing.

(Christopher Dougherty) #23

A few nights ago I watched “ready player one” I thought it was awesome!! Finally something new and different! Very unique! Welcome back speilberg!!! Lolol


Solo: A star wars story

(Justin ) #25

At Somerville?

(Samuel) #26

Its an outdoor cinema in western australia.

(Justin ) #27

Wow, that’s awesome. I currently live in a town called Somerville in Massachusetts.

(Samuel) #28

Ha, thats pretty cool but the place is called somerville because of a guy.


Two recent watches both highly recommended:
Cold Hell- awesome German action thriller
Mandy- psychedelic revenge horror starring Nicholas Cage
Both on shudder if you are interested.


LOL this movie is insane. Super over the top. Even for Nick Cage!


I know sir, that’s what I love about! Plus bikers from hell! And Nick Cage makes himself a kickass axe!

(Jacob Waugh) #32

Game Night, Searching, Fever Pitch, Safety Not Guaranteed.


Oh yeah Game Night was super fun.

I need to check out Safety Not Guaranteed!


Super 8. I absolutely love Stranger Things but they really ripped that movie off.

(Sergio) #35

I liked it but the book was 10x better. There’s more action and more references. The story is a little different too

(The Yo mast3r) #36

Spiderman Into the Spiderverse. Good movie with a uniquely awesome take on Spidey. @codinghorror If you haven’t seen Into the Spiderverse you need to do it ASAP.


Actually the last thing I saw wasn’t even a movie. It was a stage play.

A stage play about an Egyptian Pharaoh that lived 3000 years ago.

The cool thing was the lead character in the presentation; was played by the Pharaoh himself.

Everything was great until I went outside and noticed I got a ticket for parking my chariot in a handicapped zone🤔

(Jacob Waugh) #38

Safety Not Guaranteed was one of my top 3 watched this year, quite heavy language, maybe not one to watch with the kids, but I really liked it.


I only watch family friendly stuff like Hereditary (2018) with my kids! :wink:

(Jacob Waugh) #40

Yeah lol, just checking.