What ever happened to the CLYW Bear Trap?

Probably very few of you were around in 2009, but CLYW announced what they called the “Bear Trap” and it had something that has never been done before on a yoyo. Caps on the sides that could be screwed off… this opened up the possibilities for interchangeable caps with different diameters, widths, artwork, etc. You could always change up your yoyo. But then, it just wasn’t mentioned of anymore, and there’s no information on what happened to it. My question is, what ever happened to this yoyo?

I’ve included some pics, thanks to this YoYoSkills article where you can read a little more about it.

It’s an incredible idea. I would buy one for sure. Although it doesn’t seem like it would come from CLYW, it’s still incredible. What ever did happen to this?


I can see so many vibe issues with that, not to mention the yoyo would be harder to screw/unscrew, and the fact that the caps might fly off while your playing with it, but it’s still a pretty sweet idea.

“I have been told that the caps are removable yet secure, and there may be a possibility of collectible caps in the future! Awesome.”

That’s what Chris said on the YYS article

The possibility for crazy vibe was my first thought.

But the concept is great. If it worked you could make a killing on the caps.


Trevlor had said on the YYN forum that it was very vibey and very expensive. Not certain if that came from Chris but it’s not like trev to have bad intel.

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That is absolutely amazing that someone brought this back into attention as during the time I longed wondered what happened to it.

With Onedrop and CLYW have had many business associations together, perhaps Chris could speak to David about combining this type of tech with the use of Side effects? Think of it…a side effect+cap technology for yoyos.

Not sure if it could be logically done, but hey anything is possible.


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Wonder if anyone remembers ricerockets long/short tip mods for clyw yoyos called “tusks” or something along those lines. Someone brought this up on the forums several months ago. Were those ever publicly distributed?

They were sold at YYN for a short while, but Ricerocket is pretty much gone now.