What even is the internet?

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Like… How is this even a thing?

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Oh just a massive network of servers, supplying us access to web pages and other services. (Akamai comes to mind)

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A bunch of people with encyclopedias look up your questions in real time, while a bunch of master calligraphers write the articles as you see them, the whole thing is run by lizard people (the government)
“Put on your tinfoil hats kids, it’s time to search the world wide web!”


The Internet protocols were originally developed by the defense department (ARPANET). The idea was to create a resilient communication and data network that would be able to withstand a large, coordinated attack on the US infrastructure (nuclear attack); and still remain operational. These design requirements became the protocols that the Internet is founded on (Primarily TCP/IP).
Eventually, the ARPANET, was opened to academics and individuals outside of the military for use in disseminating research information and supporting government functions like updating weather and seismic data; or coordinating telescopes across continents in real-time. These internet network “nodes” required large, expensive infrastructure and configuration to become part of the ARPANET. This created nodes at Universities, military bases and government institutions that forwarded data-traffic around the world to reach their intended destination anytime; anywhere. If these nodes see a data-packet addressed to that them, it is forwarded to the addressee at that node (a domain like www.yoyoexpert.com). If not, the node will send the packet to all known nodes (peers) who will then do the same. That is what we call the Internet today. What makes it all work is the agreement that all parties will forward traffic not addressed to them; without delay or alteration. Without this, there would be no Internet.

By 1995; business started to leverage this data-network by using open-source tools and a new-fangled application called a “browser” that could make sense out of all the cryptic network stuff. Soon, the address; became “www.google.com” and we could “see” a site through an index.html page that was triggered by the Browser API every time we typed in the address. HTML made a page look the same regardless of the type of computer. Cool.


Magnets, how do they work?


why are we still here? just to suffer?


Joy, suffering, what’s the difference? I’d take either over feeling nothing!


I thought the internet was invented specifically so the guy that started EBay could have an faster method of selling his girlfriends’ PEZ dispensers?

Shows what I know🙀

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How do the Lizard People from the Orion constellation fit into that? Are there any Lizard People on this forum that are willing to out themselves and just explain your ultimate goals?

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You would really rather suffer than feel nothing? Your wish has been granted. Enjoy it.


Feeling nothing is reeeaaaallly bad. Really bad. Hard to describe how bad it is. It’s like the vantablack infinite abyss of badness.


I don’t know why this sticks out in my memory, but it does. I remember having a conversation with my uncle (now in his early 70s) telling me that when he was in college, he had a nuclear physics professor who theorized that at some point in the future, information would be able to be transmitted via fiber optic cable… he wasn’t wrong

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I guess “nothing” can mean different things. Outside of physical pain I think the way we respond to situations will determine if we will suffer. All of my stress and anxiety (a kind of suffering) is self-imposed because of the way I choose to view / approach / react to situations. So I guess by my saying I would rather feel nothing is another way of saying I would rather not feel the suffering I inflict on myself.

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Well then, that pretty much sums it up

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Kinda the same…how can a little needle on a record player translate a beautiful symphony by running through the grooves on a vinyl record?

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Two words, Lizard. People.
but in all seriousness idk


The internet is a library.
Web servers are the books.
Websites are pages in the books.
Google is the card catalogue.
Your personal computer is your library card.


Personally; without the internet; I would have never known just how many Super Mega rich Nigerians there are that use the Internet to give their fortunes to Americans.

Life is a peach…

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The internet is your own comfortable private prison system where they keep the world’s most comfortable shackles. Shackles so comfortable you wont even notice they are there! The net in the word internet is what they used to captivate and capture it’s residence.

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Pretty much…