I love the inter-web….!

Yoyo friend’s….(ahh how sweet…)…b/s/t….shopping with out having to deal with the “public”…and germs…. Always there to prove I’m right…Latest scores…pay my bills…again avoiding public contact….
why do you love the inter-web…?

I love and hate the internet for one thing it has EVERYTHING. Love the jokes and the ponies. Hate the scum of 4chan and other such things such as shudder rule 34 and shock websites… But lucky for us those can for the most part be avoided! ;D

Reddit. ponychan… the best

Yes! I love ponychan and I love AppleJack!

Being a computer geek this may sound weird, but I could almost care less about the internet.

Pff… “internet”

never heard of it…?

I haven’t even seen an internet.

oh i love the interwebs. i know so much about them… that is the part that the spider makes into a circle. it is sticky so the bugs can get caught in it.

but seriously, i love that it can unite nations. i can talk with people who yoyo, a generally small community, from the contort of my desk. i can write a paper and send it to my teacher if i am sick (but i tend not to), i can waste literally HOURS on youtube. internet has actually revolutionized the way i procrastinate.

i have a second life on the internet, i am knowledgeable, outgoing, and just a block of text, so no one can really remember “oh that is the guy who thinks that the 888x sucks” or something.

it even helps me decide on what videogame to get when there are so manny coming out and i only have $100 bucks (in gift cards to gamestop, otherwise i would get a supernova and a DNA)