What does Mowl have against silver weight rings?

(ClockMonsterLA) #1

First let me say that I really, really like Mowl’s bimetals. The thing is, Mowl seems to have this fetish for coloring the weight rings on their bimetals, which I guess is kinda cool because so few companies do this outside of the occasional gold or black rings. But I desperately wish Mowl would release a red Surveillance with silver rings:

(Photoshopped approximation)

It is such a classic look. If Mowl re-released their original red model but changed the black rings to silver, that would be perfect. Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll ever do this given their dedication to non-silver rings. This makes me very sad. :sob:


I don’t know but I really only like silver rings.


Me too. But I like SF’s rainbow rims

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

For yet even more non-silver rings: see the latest Surveillance drop. The prejudice continues…


I like the color rings personally, that black/copper surveillance is calling my name!

(Justin ) #6

That price isn’t though :skull: