What do you think?

Okay I have an idea to start a Yo-yo and games hobby shop, something small to try and introduce throwing yo-yos to my local community. This hobby shop also includes other services such as Custom Built Computers (to the user’s request), Playing Computer and Video Games, and Tabletops. The main focus is the Yo-yo but also to bring a place to have fun where I live.

NOTE!! This is an idea in progress.

What name do you think would be the most memorable, fun to say, cool thing to represent my idea?

Personally I think Option 1: Throw-Down Showdown, but I want to know what all of your opinions are, if you have any other name suggestions, I’m open to em.

From what this is looking like, instead of a complete store, I’m probably going to go the kiosk route which will allow me to setup one in my local mall for a rental fee of course, but I’m going to do demos and teach basics and sell YOYO’s. It would be a yoyo only business until I can get an actual store going. :slight_smile:

I think that’s a good idea. If the kiosk takes off you can expand. If it doesn’t you’re not stuck with a store lease.

Dim Mention :wink:

I think I have an even better name than the ones in the poll, and that name is… Drum Roll Please!!!

Get Ready for it.

Real Skills Throw Shop - The Yo-yo Pro Shop

EDIT: Yea, this sounds much better than every other one I’ve tried to come up with.

The Shop Of Things. (including flying monkeys, RC cars, yoyos, spin tops, Astrojax, juggling, my head, model rockets, and for boring people, computers)

I guarantee you’d get at least a few costumers coming in to see just how crazy you are.

Good luck with your business. :wink:

Problem with that is I wouldn’t have enough space to do all that, because I’m going to do a kiosk in my local mall, a small setup (not like a store within the mall). If I can make enough cash to where I can lease a space for an actual store then I could setup a lot of that stuff, but I’m just going to focus on yo-yos for the time being.

This was a suggestion.