What do you think your next yoyo will be?

Title says it all.

The only one I’m looking out for right now is the CLYW Glacier Express because it seems like a real departure from their usual shapes, but I’ll still need to see some specs before I really get serious about it. I won’t just be putting down $160 or whatever just to try it out.

Irony or Split Decision. Which ever makes itself available first.

I think a supernova or a supernova lite

Code 2

the next CLYW throw, glacier express, i got the money ready now all i need is the will to give it up


Yoyojam inspire if it ever gets released. I’m also fighting a compulsion to buy a second drop bear.

FG Chief or Arctic Circle.

Glacier Express for sure.

Vs Newton Flying Hut

I’ve got my eye on the One Drop Burnside.

If the deal goes well, a pair of sunset trajectories. Or the One Drop Cascade that’s coming out soon.

Irony is available. My next throw is probably the Code 2.

the yyf northstar. been eyeing that thing for a while, gonna save up


one drop cascade.


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One Drop Cascade

The C3 and CLYW colab.