What do you look for in a new yoyo ?

What are the elements in a yoyo that you look for when buying a new one ? Specs, shape, colorway, brand, etc… what are the most important to you and why ?

For me the width seems to be the most influential part. 44 and under but preferably 43 mm or less. Wide yoyos just don’t feel right to me.

I like a unique yoyo, one that is different. I like my yoyos to be under 57 mm diameter, and I’m always a sucker for 7075

What are examples of “different”?

I ask myself a series of questions.

  1. Was this yoyo made by: One Drop, AntiYo, a/RT, CoreCo, TMBR or Hildy?

  2. Do I have money for said yoyo?

If answer to question 1 and 2 are both yes, then I get a new yoyo.

If answer to question 1 is no, then things get complicated as to whether or not I get it ;D

Just different shape/specs/aesthetic Than anything else I have.

I look for quality. To me, that means a hard-to-get, high-end, highly-sought-after yoyo. Outside of that, simple lines, comfortable shapes, and ‘plain’ colorways tend to catch my attention (black is best ;))

I just picked up a Ti Peak which hits most of those marks.

Feel is more important to me than trick proficiency, so I tend to stay away from V-shapes. And I’m not much for brand loyalty, but I have a good amount of CLYWs haha.

I started out liking small gaps and medium weights. EG: HSPIN was my go to company. If they still existed I would be buying every yoyo they produced. I eventually went to wider gaps at heavier weights. Mostly around 67-69 grams. Now I’m really digging lighter yoyos with wide gaps and even diameters in the pocket yoyo range. I really wish I could have gotten my hands on an executive. I have been using my 888 more often these days as well. I find the smaller lighter throws are way more fun to use. like driving a 1985 VW beetle vs. a truck. The beetle is always going to be more fun.

I mainly look for a yoyo that magically changes color ways every day. Has a self renewing string that perpetually remains at neutral tension. With a self lubricating flat/konkave bearing that spins until I command otherwise. And most importantly; it has to come with ‘tricks included’.

And it has to cost a whole lotta money. Because we All know that the more expensive a yoyo is; the better it plays.:nerd_face:

…and if it happens to be a Signature model of the New Over 40 2017 World Yoyo Champion ‘Steve Brown’ ; even better.

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For me I look for something that’s different from what I already have. Whether that’s the shape, weight, or sometimes even the colorway I just like to expand my collection.

for me it has to be designed and manufactured in the US or Canada. after that i just look at the shape and if i think it will feel good in my hand ill buy it.

If it has a bearing, I won’t buy it.


Just kidding I love me some fixies.

Me, I don’t particularly look for anything really, I know when I want something. Sometimes it’s a very cheap yoyo, sometimes it’s the ones I can’t afford so then I forget it.

add japan in there and i’m with you

I try to buy something different from what I have. So far I have a light yo-yo (Recess Diplomat), heavy yo-yo (Radical Seas Set Sail), W-shape (One Drop Benchmark W), V-shape (One Drop Benchmark V), Bi-metal (Edge), H-shape (Top Deck, Shutter), Fingerspin yo-yos (Plastic and Metal Skyva), and a yo-yo that came with an unresponsive and responsive bearing (Recess First Base).

My next yo-yo will either be wide (Manatee or Terrarian) or mini (Mini-Star 2, hopefully they will be restocked).