what do you like more then yoyos (forum game)


so what do you like more then yoyos? ;D


Not even life itself.


Scarlett Johansson…


I like yoyoing more than yoyo’s.


My wife!


I am glad there is a thread like this, compared to the “this is how much I like yoyos…” kind of threads. It evens out the “I love yoyos so much that it’s all I do and and there’s nothing better and anyone who doesn’t yoyo needs to see doctor” attitude. That’s exaggerated… but still.

reading, going on the internet(for whatever reason), TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Coaches Association) meets, growing plants is sort of an equal, running soon, etc., …


well, um i like some ice cold soda better, i do lots of soda tricks
like break the ice !


I like playing games and watching tv better


Wait, I forgot… monopoly. Monopoly and scrabble.

(Raphael) #10



I’m turning into a gamer more than I yoyo, so I enjoy games and my psp more I suppose


My Family(wife and 2 year old son), and my 2005 Mustang GT.





As for me, gaming, my girlfriend, friends, chillin’ out. Although I do all of these while yoyoing. I loop while having sex, that’s how good I am. :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #15

God, Wife, Family, Wolves, and my Silverfox 2.3.


My daughter.


Reading and baseball




Kicking baby seals


Tennis swimming rs and a bit of football I like it but idk how to play it well
Running pets reading ps3