What do you consider a pocket throw?

Everybody I see considers a pocket throw small diameter but for I think a pocket throw is a lot better if it has smaller width rather than diameter what do you think?

The yoyos that fit in my pocket.


But really - I consider a pocket through a through under full sized, or extremely small.

The SPYY Supra is a prime example.

My daily carry is my pocket throw.

What ever yoyo I grab out of my case before I leave for work.

Any YoYo I feel like throwing lol

But in all seriousness… Probably the Cliff :stuck_out_tongue:

I never really understood the whole “pocket sized throw” thing. I don’t know what kind of fancy pockets you guys are using, but if a 50mm throw fits in my pocket, a 56mm one will as well.

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It is called wearing cargo pants:P

proyo ace

Seriously though, smaller width does matter more. 56mm diameter is no problem in a front jeans pocket, but 46mm width is.

To be honest, all yoyos are pocket throws to me. Even the slim yoyos are just uncomfortable in my pants pockets. So I am thankful for back pack pockets, hoody pockets, and my trusty flightsuit ankle pockets.

If it fits in my pocket, it counts.

Right now: Burnside.

If I got cargo shorts on, then a Jetset in the big pocket.

The bigyo is my pocket throw. It fits so well in my pockets and people hardly notice it in my pocket!

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I do carry “any” throw with me during the day, and most of them end up in a pocket at one time or another.

But in the spirit of what the question is really asking: yes, I also think that width is more important than diameter for carrying in the pocket! 50… 55… 60mm… none of it matters if they’re all 40+mm wide.

The closest thing I have to a pocket throw (other than some loopers and fixed-axles) is the C3 Token. It’s not too annoying in the pocket, even though it’s also approaching 40mm wide.