What did you get in the mail today? 2021

Thank you very much for the video, I do need to buy some more RTV silicone. The last tube I used was 7-9 years ago when I got back into yoyoing, and it was all just a solid puck after rediscovering it in my yoyo maintanance box.


Baby Bingus Blue 420


Had this back in the day in red. What a lovely throw it was.


thank you @yoyodoc and @mistakenbigfoot ! i’m happy you are enjoying them…. and i’ll stay humble doc lol :heart:


FedEx was on their game this morning.

RSO x DocPop x Unknown - The End Part II The Finale

Longest yoyo name ever.


You forgot 'The End is Unkown… ’

RSO x DocPop x Unknown - The End Part II The Finale - The End is Unkown…




The Eetsit End made it here today, number 31 of 37.

Didn’t have time to take pics of the box art or pin as my daughter commandeered those in two seconds, lol.

Strung it up, the included string is comes up to my chin, lol. I thought I had cut it down to my belly button, and I was totally wrong, lol. First throw and that sucker hit the ceramic flooring in my kitchen hard. It put a couple love marks on it, but didn’t induce any vibe.

And I’m glad, because now I don’t have to worry about babying it. I intended for it to be my pocket carry daily and so it shall be. Also don’t have to worry about someone offering me something crazy like a Peak, OG Project and an 07 888 for it and having to seriously consider it.

Much love to everyone involved. I’ll be playing it for years to come.


Funny that two of the #31s showed up in back to back posts.

@adamantiumpimp the abbreviation is still way long haha.

Anyone thats curious, this is just a great lil yoyo. Way more stable than I’d expect it to be, awesome finish and just such a cool background. I sincerely hope they do more runs so that more folks can get one.


Agreed on all accounts, that slip matte finish or whatever they call it that was on the OG Eetsit was mimicked here sooo good.

Feels just like an Eetsit that had its original imperfections corrected which is what the End was working to accomplish, even more so in this iteration with the benefit of thicker walls.

No telling if shmoove rings actually do anything, but they sure do a good job of peacocking this thing.


congratulations, I admire and a little envy (in the most positive sense possible) your philosophy … I know it is the right one but, if it had happened to me, those two dings, they would have ruined the day, the week, the month and every time I took the yoyo back in my hand for the rest of my life I would have said a curse inside me! :tired_face:
mine is a big problem, I know … but none are perfect … right? :sweat_smile:


this is the theory … for the rest I don’t know but the logic has always led to believe that if something is not adopted and its existence ends in a short time … maybe there was no “revolution” behind it …

p.s. the only criticism I made of these reissues is the return system pads … they HAVE to at least be transparent … if I had taken one myself, the first thing I would have done, even before the first launch, would have been to remove those pads and silicone the recess with liquid transparent silicone


I don’t see why they wouldn’t work the way that they are thought to. Less surface area means less friction. It also serves as a way to shave off a little weight.


Yeah, I will be putting in some clear response when the pads run out to show off the beautiful engraving.

On my philosophy, wasn’t always that way, my yoyo joy came more from trading than playing back in the day so I was always extremely careful. Once my daughter started yoyoing with me though and she wanted to play with my throws, I had to make a choice, and her joy of playing was more important to me. So, I can completely understand both sides of the coin.


I understand perfectly! and I continue to remain of the opinion that it is the right thing.
It will also depend on the fact that I have no children while I have an innate jealousy for “my objects” in general :wink:


in fact I never said that it shouldn’t work … I only analyze the fact, and it is a fact not an opinion, that if since those times (2007 - 2008?) this constructive necessity has never been felt again, except for the very rare cases of "re-editions or tribute objects ) … a reason must be there …


Can’t wait for my boy to start throwing. How old is yours?


I audibly gasped when I read this! But it’s awesome that you’re actually playing it!


The End is here for me, too!


She is 11, teaching her to bind was harder than teaching her to tie her shoes, lol.

She has rock the baby and brain twister down with a bind at the end. That’s her combo and I couldn’t be more proud.

She started with a Duncan Butterfly because that’s what I had to start on, lol. Then when we got to unresponsive the below G2 AL7 Bomber Banshee is what she learned on. It’s got some love marks, lol.

Now she uses a Duncan Trix, she said she likes it because it’s a shiny light blue color, lol. Because she digs girly stuff I’m gonna get her a hello kitty first base so she can learn more semi responsive tricks.

I really hope your boy takes a liking to it, it really feels good to see them into something that doesn’t require a screen.

On topic, I’ve got something very special coming Monday that I really look forward to posting.


Heck yeah. I’m keeping a few beaters around just for him. Only 4 at the moment, so he’s got some time.