What did you get in the mail, 2023

ok, not to spam this thread but some YYR Upheavals just arrived!


Atmos cephas, Noah, Abel, and pomodoro. And a bunch of strings, bearing, and pads.


Crazy mail day. Received the new Motion Parallel d bearing bimetal, love me some d bearing.

And I decided to go for the C3 Surprise A grade box. Top row: Galaxy Diver 7075 ver2, Berserker Decade, Cyber Crash 2 and Bottom row: Alt Bastet, Hydrogen Crash, Vanitas and another Hydrogen Crash. Also string, pads, sticker and a couple cool holographic cards.


May I ask which Atmos did you prefer and why?

ooh that second hydrogen crash is pretty. i don’t think i’ve seen that colorway before


Thanks and I agree. I was just looking for gap width and that color, can’t find it. Same with the Berserker Decade, black with green splash. Only finding dark green with green splash.


tell us more!!! how do you likey?


haha they came during the middle of my work day, so I only had a little bit of time throwing them in between meetings. The cliff notes from my limited time playing with them is that the upheaval plays pretty similar to the og draupnir, but it’s a little bit floatier. I played the draupnir back to back just to pick up the nuances and the draupnir feels a bit more dense but more quick. in the upheaval thread i mentioned that it feels like comparing the tone to the inevitable, where the tone is the upheaval in the comparison. so those who have played both can get a general idea of how the performance is evolved from one another. In general the upheaval is really really good. the extra width is noticeable as well


Bit more mid than I was expecting. Decently rim weighted but not as crazy as it might look. Snappy response. Has some vibe. Was priced similarly to the st overlap and I’d prob just buy a second st overlap instead of this.


Thanks for picking up a parallel - excited to hear your thoughts


Does anyone have a Klondike and a W1ld?
I didn’t go after the Klondike because of the Martian and W1ld that were recently acquired. The wallet called a time out.

But looking at the 2, they look similar. Specs are similar too. The Klondike does have a larger diameter but otherwise they are pretty close.

So, I was wondering if someone had both, how do they compare?



Spence did a comparison of them all. I think it was in the klondike appreciation thread


zaf said what i was gonna, but here’s what @KirbyRobot said:


@SR1 let’s hit him with the double whammy.

I own a Klondike and have a sampler W!LD that was sent to me specifically to try. Klondike is more comfortable in the hand. The rims on the Wild are slightly sharp.

Neither are speed yoyos, they’re more suited towards a more gradual, controlled playstyle.

The main difference between the two is that I’d argue the Klondike feels more comfortable and maneuverable overall.


Thank you. I appreciate the info.

Enjoy the throw my friends


Yeah @KirbyRobot’s thoughts are pretty much the TL;DR of how I feel about them.

I compared the two (and the Kagerou which is also very similar) in this post if you’d like to check it out. And after acquiring a Wild shortly after trying it and making that post, after having it for awhile now, I just don’t see a reason to pick it up over the Klondike. Performance is basically the same but the Wild is just way less comfortable… too sharp on the rims as Gingie mentioned.


I have both and I slightly prefer the Wild, it does have sharper edges but my fingers fit the angles perfectly so it fits my hand really nice. As far as performance they both far exceed me so I’m not good there, the Klondike has a hollow sound and feel while the Wild sounds and feels super solid which I like more as well.


so personally I like the abel the most but I got another noah and cephas (sold mine a while back) so I could play them all back to back to see what I like. Ive had another abel the past couple of weeks and haven’t thrown anything else for more than 10 mins or so. Its so light and bubbly its a ton of fun. The noah is very similar tho


Bit delayed with posting this one, but received my Atmos Pomodoro from the November Market which is my first throw from Atmos.

Also got my new OD Panorama along with a red Flatcap SE to go with my OD Diorama. Leaning towards the Panorama as the favorite between the two now.


Would love to know your thoughts on the Pomodoro!