What companies will have tables at BAC this year?


I need to know how much cash I need to bring! ;D


Chances are all the ones who are sponsoring. If you plan on buying a lot bring around 200-300. That will make sure you can buy anything you want.


or $1K, that can ensure you can sell out a whole Booth.


Or, 100K to buy the company.


Or 100000k to buy the whole event


How did you know about what I’m doing at worlds? :stuck_out_tongue:


Share it with me plz!


Here I’ll give you your favorite companies. So YYF and CLYW right.
Just kidding you can have Yoyojam btw I will be buying the entire company. :smiley:


then you can finally sponsor me.


Ok so do you want your sig to be full titanium,aluminum, both, or a bi metal.


I want it to be pure awesomeness on a String